MBFW Day 1 recap: Nicholas K, BCBGMaxAzria, Yeezy Season 1

Nicholas and Christopher Kunz started out the day with their “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari,” inspired collection that boasted hand dyed silk dresses, long chain time pieces, aviator headwear, and floor length coats. I loved the Amelia Earhart meets luxe goth style of this collection, the colors ranged from black (of course) to burnt coppers, pops of burgundy and red with a little splash of white.

BCBG never ceases to amaze me when it comes to their eye for embroidery and tapestry like designs that look and feel one of a kind but are so wearable. You can totally see how these looks can go from runway to real life. Lubov Azira said she was inspired by her travels and the influence of the Baltics its no surprise from the looks of the beautiful details on the coats and jackets showcased in the collection. BCBG is the master of pairing hard and soft textiles to create looks that are not only effortless but seem to float and move with an ease that isn't seen much in fall/winter wear.



I was very excited to see and hear that Ye x Adidas were teaming up and this collection didn't disappoint me one bit. I wasn't expecting this apocalyptic/utilitarian take on sportswear but I really dug the art installation feel of this collection. The previous collection from Ye (thought highly criticized) felt to much like a new designer trying to do fashion in terms of replicating what their peers were already doing than an artist using fashion as a medium to make a statement. I think Kanye made that shift in his mind as a designer and using fashion and a concept as vehicles to not only present a collection but invite the attendees into a world. The collection was inspired by the 2011 riots of London and they feature bomber jackets, heels inclosed in stockings, sheer tights, bullet proof vests, tee shirts, sneakers, and boots.

And lets not forget this front row....

Photo credits: WWD, Kim Kardashian Instagram, Addidas